Caulfield Consulting understands the demands of the building industry as well as the requirements of the New Zealand Building Standards and is well positioned to advise on the expected standard of tile installations. 

Tiler Training


Caulfield Consulting offer a range of tile installation and under-tile waterproofing theory workshops to meet the needs of the industry.

These include:

  • Tiler training workshops to meet BCITO standards: entry level, intermediate and advanced 

  • Know Your Code - tiling and waterproofing workshops to meet New Zealand Building Standards

  • Tailor-made workshops or training sessions for your specific requirements

On-Site Quality Control


As a specialist in the tiling field Caulfield Consulting work with architects, contractors and builders to ensure that all work complies with industry best practice and in accordance with New Zealand Building Standards.

Pre-installation consultation at the planning and design stage can avoid costly over runs or expensive reworking.  


Installation monitoring service is provided to ensure project specifications and tiling best practice are followed.

Assessment & Remediation


As an independent specialist Caulfield Consulting can assess tiling and under-tile waterproofing work completed in relation to New Zealand Building Standards and provide comprehensive reporting on any concerns.

These include:

  • Site-specific installation issues

  • Under-tile waterproofing failures

  • Workmanship disputes

  • Other tiling related concerns

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